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Special Edition Shoes

Arthritis, Gout and Bunions : An inflammatory
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Dance Husbands and Dance Wives
Your story could be here!

Your best source of information on the Latino Lifestyle
in Australia.
Read the Viva interview with Prodance,
then link to their website

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Bespoke Shoemaking
A Comprehensive Guide To Handmade Footwear:
by Tim Skyrme
At last, a text book designed to teach the art and craft of handmade shoemaking.


The Tensegrity-Truss as a model for Spine Mechanics.

Advanced Musculoskeletal Training
or 'musmed', is a comprehensive teaching programme that covers all aspects of the evaluation and treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions.

The ICB Gait & Posture Clinics specialise in biomechanical assessment of the lower limbs. Their job is to explore holistically the relationship between pain and the skeletal and muscular structure of the body from the feet up.

They specialise in treating children, dancers and the aged,
but of course all are welcome.


is a Health related social network, a center for
Online Support Groups.
This community is about
people helping people,
sharing personal experiences and knowledge, just as it
used to be in the old days.


















PRODANCE Dance Shoes
are made in Australia
and are exclusive to
Dancing Shoes Australia.

PRODANCE are recommended
by Australia's leading
Salsa, Tango, Latin
and Modern Jive (Ceroc)
Dance Studios.

Sydney's leading
Wedding Planners
are now also recommending
PRODANCE for Bridal Shoes.
Special colours available.

Where are we and when are we open ?
See details below all this writing,
but please read the stuff we put here first.


We have moved!

Dancing Shoes Australia has moved to
a brand new showroom and shop in Burwood shopping centre,
near the centre of Sydney.

Our experienced Australian factory continues manufacturing high quality
and long lasting dance shoes
as it always had, generating respect
throughout sector for their consistancy and reliability..

Our factory is now the only one left
in Australia making quality dance footwear
that match up to the high standards
that Prodance customers have become
so accustomed to over many years.

Pride in product,
Pride in the quality of service provided, together with our
Lifetime Warranty*
on all manufacturing faults,
will of course continue to be a central feature of our business.
*Naturally some conditions do apply.

Prodance Dance Shoes will be
available from stock
in up to 2 to 3 width fittings
(Narrow and Average/Wide,
Wide) and of course in proper half
sizes from size US4 to US10.
Note that certain sizes and colours
may not always be in stock.
If this is the case, they may be ordered
in as required.

We shall initially showcase
the following variations:

Plain black.

Pewter with a Diamante studded T-Bar.

Silver with a Diamante studded T-Bar
and Silver Glitter on the heel.

Black with a Diamante studded T-Bar
and Black Glitter on the heel.

Just ask about other styles, variations, colours, heels, etc.

Bridal colours are of course available

Special Edition L.A. style Shoes

"San Remo"
Click on image to enlarge.

It's still near the beginning of a new dance
year and Channel 10's 3rd series of the
Australian version of "So you think you
can dance" has everyone all fired up
and going to dance classes and clubs.
And why not!

There is so much stress in the world at
the moment and dancing is an easy and
cheap way to to forget your troubles
and let it all hang loose on the dance floor.

It doesn't matter whether you enjoy
Salsa, Tango or other
Latin styles or Ballroom or Modern Jive
or Rock n Roll - whatever way you enjoy
your dancing, just go out and do it.

And whether you are new to dancing
or a veteran of a lifetime,
there is going to be one accessory
that will always be essential.
Great dance shoes.

These are important for all dancers.

And you do need great dance shoes.
Great dance shoes that fit well,
are comfortable, stable and secure
on your feet, with wider straps that
don't stretch. Shoes that you can wear
all night with slip resistant sock linings
specially chosen for their ability to handle
perspiring feet in those hot and sweaty
dance venues. Shoes that don't pinch.
Shoes with heels that don't come
loose or fall off. The list goes on.

Our men's shoes are especially designed
for the Ozzie male with wide fronts, good support round the heel and of course our exclusive black kangaroo leather uppers, (available for women's shoes also).
The best upper leather for dancing
that money can buy.

And what will these great dance shoes
do for your dancing?

They will make you a better dancer,
that's what.
And why will they make you a better dancer? Because when shoes fit well, you
forget all about your feet and your shoes.
This allows you to concentrate more
on the music, your dance moves
and of course your partner -
who will also need great shoes as well.

That's what dancing is supposed
to be about. Enjoying the moment.
and getting the most from that moment.

That's where we at Prodance come in.

Prodance helps make your dancing happen
the way you want it to. Shoes with proper
half sizes, up to 5 width fittings, choice of colours, straps, heels and sole materials.

Shoes with our exclusive optional street
resin soles, that absolutely refuse to pick
up gunk from the dance floors
(as suede soles love to do)
and still not be too slippery or too grabby
on the dance floor. Resin soles are just the
right texture for spinning and dancing to your heart's content at your favorite club or
dance venue and they last and last.
Who could ask for more.

And Prodance shoes are made in Australia
not Asia and come with our lifetime warranty
on manufacturing faults.
(Of course some conditions do apply).

We would like now to take this opportunity
to thank the various Latin, Ceroc
and Ballroom Dance Studios
for their support, helping us increase
our sales strongly again this last year.

In response to demand, mainly from
Salsa and Ballroom, we would like to
announce a new Dual Density lower
20mm heel for our men's shoes.

There will be no extra charge for this
heel, which can be matched either
with the suede or street-resin sole.

For the ladies we shall be introducing
pre-selected two colour variations for
the style San Remo, for that added
fashion touch.

Also the Natoli style can now be made
with a completely closed toe,for those
that do not like to see their tootsies.

Did you know that Prodance
has the only dance shoes
with a Lifetime Warranty*
on all manufacturing faults.

This includes skewed or broken
heels, but does dot include problems
caused by normal or abnormal wear
and tear.
*Some conditions do apply.

You can be sure I take the responsibility
of fitting Dance Shoes on dancers
very seriously indeed.
Many dancers and instructors
now realise how important
top quality, good fitting dance shoes are
in making sure dancers are always
dancing to the best of their ability.


Dance Husbands and Dance Wives

What do you as a dancer do
when your life partner does not share
your interest in dance?

Your story on
Dance Partner Relationships
could win you
a FREE pair of Prodance shoes.

Check the link above for details.
The first stories are in already,
so where is yours?????

Dance Articles and Links Page

Now with over 300 links to dance sites.
The best dance sites for Sydney and
around the world. More links than any other dance site in Australia.

Whatever you want to find out about
Partner dancing, this page will guide
you to where you want to go.
Includes links to dance studios and
venues throughout Australia.

Now includes links for Flamenco and
Belly dancing as well.

Hip Hop / Salsa
We are very interested in articles and links
from those involved in dancing styles
that blend Hip Hop and salsa together.
Please advise if you can assist.

"Tell a friend about this website
because they will thank you for it."


Warning about dancing on concrete, asphalt and other abrasive surfaces.
Dancing on these surfaces, even for short times, is absolutely guaranteed to totally
ruin the soles and heel tips of shoes.
Any shoes. Any brand.
Any sole materials.
Dance shoes or street shoes.
It does not matter.
This applies especially if you are
doing a lot of spinning.
We have known individuals who have totally
ruined their shoes this way
from only one night's dancing.

So be warned.


*SALSA**BALLROOM**TANGO** and *MODERN JIVE* [also known as Ceroc]

Partner Dancing has been on a fast boil
for the last few years and has now
taking off in a major way with the growing maturity of the Australian dance scene, combined with the increased
interest of Australian TV producers.

In Sydney it is the many Latin styles of
dance, headed by Salsa, together with
Modern Jive and Swing dancing
that are leading the charge
in social dancing.

The dance studios are doing a great
job by both encouraging beginners
and constantly invigorating the dance
scene with new innovative dance
moves, generated by increased
interaction with overseas dancers.

Big influences have been the large
population of South Americans in
Sydney, the success of Australian
dancers overseas and of course the
promotion of dance on TV.

Feedback from customers suggests
that this vitality in the dance scene
now extends to most metropolitan
regions accross Australia.

It's interesting that a recent survey we did
from our customers and other dancers
showed a high proportion of the
Jazz, Modern Jive, Tango and Ballroom
dancers of all ages also regularly
enjoyed dancing Salsa.

Seeing this is a dance shoe website,
a comment we hear from many dancers,
both novices and experienced, is that
well fitted, comfortable dance shoes
allow them to concentrate more easily
on their dancing rather than on their feet.

They really do become better dancers
with less effort. Guaranteed.

Some of the top
Sydney Dance Festivals

Sydney Salsa Congress

Ceroc Modern Jive Championships

Sydney International Bachata Festival

Viva Magazine Dance Calender

Dancesport Championships

Swing Dancing Championships

Australian Dance Festival

Darling Harbour Fiesta

It's all happening in Sydney
and if you dance,
you will need the right shoes
and that's where we come in.


Now, talking about shopping:

Whether you are a Sydneysider on
holidays or an overseas or interstate
visitor here
for the Congress in January,
you can always contact
us for a special group shoe fitting
at our showroom in Burwood.

Women's and Men's footwear:
Design your own shoes by
Mixing and Matching
from a variety of
Prodance components.

Once we have your proper fitting
you can then purchase
Prodance shoes from anywhere
in Australia or the world.

Note: We can now make ladies'
Prodance dance shoes
in up to 4 width fittings
from very narrow to very wide.

en's shoes in up to 2 width fittings.

Women's shoes from size US 4 to 11
Men's shoes from UK5 to UK12

As far as I know Prodance is the only
brand of dance shoe in the world
that provides this service.

Gift Certificates
Buy that dance partner of yours
something really special:

a very attractive Prodance Gift Certificate
for the dance shoes of your choice.

No extra charge for shoes purchased
this way and ordered at a later date.*



Click on image to enlarge.
(Soon to be re-stocked)

Due to its excellent fitting qualities
and great looks, Natoli continues
to be one of our best seller along with
the styles San Remo and New York.

Go to the Catalogue page
to see our other styles.


We especially look forward to seeing those
who do do not live in Sydney.

Next time you visit our fair city,
who not take time out to pay me a visit
and shout yourself a new pair of dance shoes.

This obviously applies to Sydneysiders
as well as those from regional areas,
interstate and overseas.

Let's face it, the reason you are reading this now is that dancing has become a very important part of your life.

It also means you understand the importance
of having decent dance shoes.

You better believe it - having comfortable,
good fitting dance shoes
WILL make you a better dancer.

This is where our new shop is:

The Footwear Centre
Shop 2, Burwood Plaza,
42 Railway Parade,
Burwood, NSW, 2134.
(The shop is OUTSIDE the Plaza,
next to Town & Country Real Estate)

Our new shop is right in the centre
of the main Burwood shopping centre.

For your conveniencee
we are now open 7 days a week.

Mon-Wed & Fri: 9:00am to 6:30pm
Thu: 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sat: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sun: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Looking forward to meeting you
and your friends for a fitting.

Enjoy your dancing.


Phone Shirley, Anh or David
on 02 8065 9324

E-mail: info@footwearcentre.com.au
(Please cut and paste - reduces spam)

Dancing Shoes Australia